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March 29 2011

February 14 2009


January 29 2009

Video: OpenPandora hardware prototype demoed

A video showing the Pandora's hardware being demoed running various tests. The DS-sized unit uses a beastly next-generation OMAP3 ARM Cortex-A8 processor, with WiFi, Bluetooth, 256MB of RAM and runs Linux.

October 10 2008

Indie devs start petition to get listed on steam

A group of indie devs, led by mode7 games and supported by "talking to pirates" dev Cliff Harris have started a petition to get their games sold through valves 'steam' store to get more exposure. These companies don't have the ad budget of EA, and you won't see them on the cover of games magazines, so getting on steam is the next best thing

October 06 2008

October 03 2008

October 02 2008

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